U9 vs Brackley

As always thank you to all the players for turning out today and also thank you to you the parents and spectators for your continued support. It makes the games really enjoyable to hear such fantastic support and I know it certainly does spur the players on when they hear everyone.

Today’s game was against Brackley. They looked a well organised and professional team & I even admit to thinking ‘oh dear we may be in trouble today’ when I saw them arriving. How wrong was I! They were a strong outfit with some great players who tackled and defended incredibly well throughout the two games, but Stockwood under 9’s were not and did not let this phase them in the slightest.

Stockwood and Brackley had 12 players each so we played the main seven a side on pitch one and on pitch two we held a mini game with the subs in order to keep all players playing and warmed up. This enabled us to give all the kids a chance to play at all times but also be part of the game on pitch one and contribute to this successful performance.

The team came together and worked as a unit – they attacked and defended really well. The defending at times I thought was exceptional, especially when the opposition were pressing us literally 5 meters away from the try line at times and did not give up in the slightest. Stockwood continued to defend and keep a solid line and on many occasions gained possession by turnovers. This was great to see and shows how far this great bunch of kids have come in the last two months since they started contact.

I thought the ball handling, passing and decision making was very good and much improved from previous weeks. This was clear to see by all and it really helped in the way they all played.

In terms of attacking performance, as normal no issues there, we know each player can attack well and can score trys. What I would like to see though is more players getting on the score sheet and showing that what they can do in training, they can replicate out on the field in a match environment.

Game 1:
Stockwood 6 – 5 Brackley

Game 2:
Stockwood 9 – 3 Brackley


Man of The Match Award – Will
Today this was awarded to Will. Will fully deserved this. Not only has he played well today but also over all the other games he’s been involved in this season.

He continues to perform at a very high standard each week over all aspects of his game. His legs never stop working and at times even I get knackered watching him!
He has grown in character and as player and the strength, determination and commitment in both attacking play and defending is incredible. So well done Will and keep this up.

Most Improved Player Award – Jasmine
This was awarded to Jas. Today I felt that she showed great determination and commitment in both games. She was determined throughout and I thought on a couple of occasions she was on her way to getting onto the score sheet. She continues to show great character and strength and is a great team player who is improving each week and gaining more and more confidence. Great work, well done Jas, keep it up.

Great first 2 months of the season for the Under 9’s, well done.

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