U9 – Tri

What can I say…………Totally speechless by the games today, absolutely amazing performance by all players.

We played 3 games in total – Biggleswade, Dunstable A and Dunstable B.

Biggleswade were a well organised side, strong and had some very talented and quick players. They gave a strong game in the first half but our players managed to play a great game, stay strong and secure a very strong win.

Dunstable A were a little different. They were a very strong, determined bunch of kids who seemed quite aggressive at times to which we suffered a fair amount of injuries throughout the games. But let me tell you, it didn’t phase us one little bit, it only made the players focus and fight back even stronger and challenge for every single ball going. At one point I thought we had lost the game but no, Stockwood fought back tremendously and challenged everything Dunstable threw at them and matched them both physically and mentally. The defensive play was incredible and all worked really well as a unit in order to keep Dunstable away from the tryline. Some great interception play and brilliant turnovers from increased pressure on the opposition. They secured a very well deserved draw.

Dunstable B were a weaker side to their A team, however they still showed great power and presence and challenged hard at times. However, Stockwood again showed how impressive and professional they were and played an excellent game, threw themselves into everything and showed some great scoring and defensive work.

Over all 3 games, Stockwood kept a good strong unit throughout, they attacked when required, defended like I’ve never seen before, continued to drive the ball forward and never gave up and showed fantastic determination. Considering this is the second game of contact that they have ever played, I’m so impressed.

One thing I do find great about the kids so early on, yes they may hurt themselves, but after a few minutes out of the game, they are dying to get back involved. This is so positive for this team and long may it continue.

The scores:
Game 1 = 10 – 4 to Stockwood
Game 2 = 4 – 4 Draw
Game 3 = 10 – 1 to Stockwood

Man of the Match – Joe Basquille. Played an immense game, showed what a great team player he is, an all rouder in terms every aspect of the game, great strength, passing, defense, scoring, positioning and awareness.
Most Improved Player – Oliver Hutchinson. Oliver showed a fantastic improvement today, his grit and determination was exceptional. At no point did he give up, he continued to defend strongly but also showed great attacking skills and never gave up.
Well done Lads!!

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