U16s dominate ‘Old Boys’!!

Stockwood Park RFC Vs. Northampton BBOB’s – 50-7 (U16’s)

After last weeks War And Peace, this report is more of a short story…
It was an unusually clement October Sunday morning, overcast but warm, with a hint of moisture in the air.

Unlike the weekend before, the opposition on Sunday were not a tight unit, even though they had brought some big units, and this was their undoing.
I think BBOB’s thought that their bigger players would be enough to contain any attack, however this perception quickly faded as Stockwood immediately powered forward after the kick off leaving the opposition wondering what happened! This was pretty much how the match played out.

In any game that’s so one sided it’s actually quite difficult to report on. I would say that all of our players put in a shift, no doubt, but the level of opposition meant that there were mistakes being made throughout the game that, if it was against stronger opposition, we would have been punished.
I’m not going to take anything away from the boys, they were brilliant and each did what they needed to do, causing the BBOB’s no end of problems both tactically and physically, but there was some complacency.

A player I feel unbelievably sorry for is Alin, he came desperately close to scoring twice on Sunday and after his disallowed try last week I think that is a real shame. But, keep it up Alin as the tries will come!

I realise that this is a pretty average match report, however I would just like to point out one of the funniest moments of the game. ‘Old’ Jordan literally putting some dance moves against the oppositions enormous 22 whilst on the attack was hilarious, good work Jordan, made me chuckle.

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