U15 vs Peterborough 0 – 44

A sobering performance by the U15’s today saw Peterborough score 7 trys and 4 conversions in a game where teamwork by the opposing side won the day. Peterborough were a strong side, they were well drilled and played as a unit. There didn’t seem to be a star player of any note, but what they did have was a good understanding of each of their roles and how to pass the ball effectively along the full back line to maximise each opportunity.

For 20 minutes of the first half its was a very even affair, neither team appearing to be in the ascendancy. Peterborough edged forward with their first try but Stockwood continued to hold firm and put in a series of well contested challenges through the centre of the park. As the half went on however concentration levels appeared to drop for the home side and a series of defensive errors led to a further 3 trys for Peterborough by the half time whistle.
The second half began with Peterborough continuing to work as an effective unit, closing down fast and rucking impressively, with a number of steals stopping Stockwood in their tracks. The home side fought hard and made several breaks but their inability to play the ball through the hands along the back line meant that each phase was contained within the middle of the field where Peterborough were able to slow play down to their advantage.

The second half was tougher than the first for Peterborough with some solid and try stopping challenges being put in by the Stockwood boys. As with the previous game, there wasn’t a lack of determination or spirit, but lapses in concentration at key moments led to their undoing.

There is an abundance of potential in this Stockwood U15’s side and once it is unlocked they will give any team in this league a run for their money. The new recruits and the seasoned Stockwood players need time to gel and over the coming weeks their understanding of what is required will improve which is an exciting prospect. If they’ve leant anything from today it is that Rugby is the ultimate team game, it doesn’t matter which individual scores, as long as the team does.
Man of The Match this week goes to Number 8 – Joe Ladley. His absolute commitment to stopping the opposing players shone through today. Not just the amount of tackles, but the way in which he won them, great technique and a brave lad.

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