The U16’s once again show a strong performance!

Old Verulamians Vs. Stockwood Park RFC (U16s)

For many seasons we have played games where we have been on the receiving end of a punishing and brutal scoreline against us. Well, today, we did exactly that to the Old Verulamians. So much so that I don’t think that the score is relevant in the slightest.

Within 5 minutes we had already notched up over 20 points and so there really is no point in describing how the boys played in the first half, other than to say they were in a league of their own. This led to us not really playing rugby but watching individual players all run for the try line without even a thought of passing the ball.

A few seasons back we played Letchworth and they were quite simply brilliant, we were being totally destroyed but thanks to the foresight of the coaches the teams were mixed up allowing the players to actually have a game and learn from players better than them. Thankfully we were able to do the same this time round by mixing the teams for the second half. This then became a much better contest with our players having to actually play the game and also trust in players they had never played with before. It was actually great fun watching the lads knock lumps out of each other as in the first half it had been a walk over. Raf loves a hard challenge and was more then happy to dish his aggressive style out on anyone in the way, especially Alin who felt the brunt of a huge hit mid way through the second half!

All of the team played well today but it was essentially a full contact practice session. The boys need to ensure they’re not complacent going into the next game as this team weren’t strong opposition. When we play our next match they’ll need to go out on full attack with composure and precision, I don’t think we’ll get an easier game then the one we witnessed today.

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