Ten’s Tournament

Harpenden 12:5 Cheshunt
Stockwood 0:15 Cheshunt
Stockwood 12:5 Harpenden
Harpenden 19:0 Cheshunt
Stockwood 0:22 Cheshunt
Stockwood 5:22 Harpenden

Stockwood 10’s Festival report Robert Coupland

Today Stockwood played host to Harpenden and Cheshunt for a Tens Festival. The first game was between Harpenden and Cheshunt and they looked two good sides with all fast strong running players well suited for Tens – Harpenden winning narrowly.

Stockwood had a squad of 23 and split them into 2 sides. The first side to play seemed very slow to get started and by half time they were 15:0 down. The second half they were much better and had opportunities to score but poor handling and decision making did not help their cause. Neither side scored any points in the second half meaning Cheshunt were the winners 15:0.

The next game saw Stockwood play Harpenden and they played some good rugby with Steven getting a couple of well earned tries and a great bit of defence from Ansett holding the opposition up over the try line. Joe Ladley also added two points from a conversion. The final score Stockwood winning 12:5 Harpenden.

The second round was the same again with Harpenden playing Cheshunt and Winning 19:0.

Stockwood then played Cheshunt and really never got in the game the only highlights in a 0:22 defeat by Cheshunt was some exceptional last man defence from Joe Ladley and a spectacular catch by Paulius.

The final game of the day was Stockwood against Harpenden and several early tries from Harpenden and a mixture of poor handling missed tackles and frustration from Stockwood saw Harpenden win 22:5 with the only try for Stockwood from Jordan Fadajou

Harpenden were the overall winners winning 3 of their 4 games Cheshunt coming second winning 2 games and Stockwood in third winning 1 of 4

In summation.
Whilst a lot of players seemed disappointed today I think the matches have to be put in perspective. Two very good specialist Tens sides came from Harpenden and Cheshunt to play a mixture of players from Stockwood many neither experienced or suited to Tens it was always going to be an uphill battle and I think with a more experienced side physically more suited to Tens both in speed and fitness (very hard for the big lads today in the mud and space) we could have come away with four out of four wins.

Also the boys didn’t seem at there best today and given how good they have been they deserve a bad day they wouldn’t be human otherwise.

Tens is a game where any weaknesses are exploited and exposed that’s why you need a specialist Tens team to compete at this level and we have in my opinion a good squad of those players well suited for Tens and they need to learn from today’s experience and use it for their benefit in the future. For those that struggled Tens isn’t suited for everyone and 15 a side is a completely different game so don’t be disheartened.

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