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A lesson learnt in a tough match against Wellingborough

Firstly a massive thank to Charlie Loft for all of his excellent match reports and we were all be sorry that you have decided to hang your laptop up and pass the reporting reigns on!!

Wellingborough Vs Stockwood Park RFC (U16s) 32 – 17

This was a game that the boys were more than capable of winning… however all of the teamwork that they displayed against Chesham seemed to go out of the window against Wellingborough. After initially starting well the boys appeared to forget the art of passing the ball. Wellingborough did seem to fear us a little more then last year however as at the first opportunity to score points they took it with a penalty kick rather then trying to play for the try!

The most alarming thing to happen in this match was the downright appalling behaviour of the Wellingborough player who decided to power drive Eoin into the ground head first. This was truly upsetting as it could have lead to an incredibly serious neck injury. Luckily Eoin is made of tough stuff and was able to leave the game without a visit to A&E. And thankfully the said Wellingborough player was instantly red carded.

With the opposition being down to 14 men the boys should have been able to take advantage but on too many occasions individual players felt that they could just run through the defence without passing. Also, where in previous games we’d been clearing out the rucks and really winning the ball, this time we were caught being too pensive and no where near aggressive enough. Apart from Reecey of course who appeared to have the measure of most players. Decision making was slow and this was to cost Stockwwod over and over for the duration of the match.

The best performance today was Lewis, by far, he was excellent. He broke the line countless times and not only that he was always aware of what was around him. The problem he had was that every time he made the break no one would be there in support, it was like watching Stockwood from last season all over again. Too many times players were left to fend for themselves, with no back up and this was really disappointing because in all of the previous games the boys had delivered such well rounded performances. It wasn’t a disaster of course, as with the previous encounter against Wellingborough they put 50 points past us, but if the lads had got their heads straight then I’m convinced they could have won the game.

Although today’s match was a bit of a slump in form we really do have an excellent group of players who when they have the right mind set can give any side a tough time. This has been the best start to a season I have watched at Stockwood and I truly believe that this team has what it takes to win the league, but they need to want it and also realise that they have to work together. I’m proud of all of them and can’t wait to see them take it to the opposition in the next match.

Chesham RFC versus Stockwood Park RFC

Chesham Vs Stockwood Park RFC (U16s) 14 – 36

This was a brilliant game. Despite a small hiccup early on, when Max passed the ball straight to an opposition player allowing them to score, Stockwood played as a real unit. Max made up for his little misdemeanour by also scoring Stockwoods first try. All of the players really dug in and worked for each other. Ansett, who we all know loves to hold onto the ball made one of the most beautifully timed passes of the game to gift Alin with his first try of the season. That try was well deserved and I can safely say that we are all very happy for the lad who has come so close in each of the previous games.
This was a close game and in the first half Chesham kept the boys honest. But in the second half Stockwoods superior team play and stamina won the day. They were composed and strong in all areas and wore the opposition down.

The U16’s once again show a strong performance!

Old Verulamians Vs. Stockwood Park RFC (U16s)

For many seasons we have played games where we have been on the receiving end of a punishing and brutal scoreline against us. Well, today, we did exactly that to the Old Verulamians. So much so that I don’t think that the score is relevant in the slightest.

Within 5 minutes we had already notched up over 20 points and so there really is no point in describing how the boys played in the first half, other than to say they were in a league of their own. This led to us not really playing rugby but watching individual players all run for the try line without even a thought of passing the ball.

A few seasons back we played Letchworth and they were quite simply brilliant, we were being totally destroyed but thanks to the foresight of the coaches the teams were mixed up allowing the players to actually have a game and learn from players better than them. Thankfully we were able to do the same this time round by mixing the teams for the second half. This then became a much better contest with our players having to actually play the game and also trust in players they had never played with before. It was actually great fun watching the lads knock lumps out of each other as in the first half it had been a walk over. Raf loves a hard challenge and was more then happy to dish his aggressive style out on anyone in the way, especially Alin who felt the brunt of a huge hit mid way through the second half!

All of the team played well today but it was essentially a full contact practice session. The boys need to ensure they’re not complacent going into the next game as this team weren’t strong opposition. When we play our next match they’ll need to go out on full attack with composure and precision, I don’t think we’ll get an easier game then the one we witnessed today.

U16s dominate ‘Old Boys’!!

Stockwood Park RFC Vs. Northampton BBOB’s – 50-7 (U16’s)

After last weeks War And Peace, this report is more of a short story…
It was an unusually clement October Sunday morning, overcast but warm, with a hint of moisture in the air.

Unlike the weekend before, the opposition on Sunday were not a tight unit, even though they had brought some big units, and this was their undoing.
I think BBOB’s thought that their bigger players would be enough to contain any attack, however this perception quickly faded as Stockwood immediately powered forward after the kick off leaving the opposition wondering what happened! This was pretty much how the match played out.

In any game that’s so one sided it’s actually quite difficult to report on. I would say that all of our players put in a shift, no doubt, but the level of opposition meant that there were mistakes being made throughout the game that, if it was against stronger opposition, we would have been punished.
I’m not going to take anything away from the boys, they were brilliant and each did what they needed to do, causing the BBOB’s no end of problems both tactically and physically, but there was some complacency.

A player I feel unbelievably sorry for is Alin, he came desperately close to scoring twice on Sunday and after his disallowed try last week I think that is a real shame. But, keep it up Alin as the tries will come!

I realise that this is a pretty average match report, however I would just like to point out one of the funniest moments of the game. ‘Old’ Jordan literally putting some dance moves against the oppositions enormous 22 whilst on the attack was hilarious, good work Jordan, made me chuckle.