Stockwood U16’s show unbelievable sportsmanship

Hemel Camelot u16’s v. Stockwood Park u16’s
Match abandoned
Match report by Robert Coupland
Today our opposition was Camelot U16s at Hemel Hempstead. We have previously had a couple of dubious games against them, where it was questionable whether they were playing rugby or thuggery . Well today the answer was quiet clearly the latter.
Stockwood played the best rugby for the first ten minutes culminating in a great kick by Kieran which was finished off by Anset to score the first try.
Then the game took an unpleasant course when one of the Camelot players hit Max, our fullback high across the head, surprisingly Max did not go down but even more surprisingly was the Hemel boy came back for a second go. The referee had no option but to give him a yellow card. From this point on Rugby was the looser, Hemel spoiled every ruck coming in from offside – unpenalised, stamping and blatantly punching and kicking the Stockwood players.
Raf took a knock to the face as a Hemel player leapt illegally into the tackle. It was obvious at this point Hemel had not come to play rugby but basically spoil any play through what I can only call thuggery which was encouraged by the non action of the home ref. Joe Ladley was stamped on several times and kicked in the head along with many others including Mark Smith receiving a fist in the face as an excuse for a handoff.
Our boys were more than a physical match for the opposition and behaved impeccably under strained circumstances. The game was finally abandoned when due to the home referee failing to protect the players from dangerous play our coach Lewis took the players off the pitch which was a decision unanimously supported by all playing and watching.

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