Register a player – Mini & Youth

Players under the age of 18 are now registered electronically.

There are key 3 steps to completing the registration process
  1. Register player on RFU website
  2. Notify SPRC membership secretary of RFU registration via SPRFC website
  3. Pay for SPRFC Membership via SPRFC website
  4. done – go play rugby!

See below for detailed steps, we recommend you read this detail before attempting a registration.

Overview of steps in registration process
  1. Legal guardian/parent of player registers the player on RFU website
  2. Legal guardian/parent notifies SPRC membership secretary of RFU registration using this form.
  3. SPRFC Membership secretary actions the following
    • Approves RFU registration request
    • Registers player with SPRFC
      • In doing so player details are created on the SPRFC website
      • Player will now appear in relevant age group on the SPRFC website but with membership listed as ‘unpaid’
    • SPRFC Membership secretary notifies legal guardian/parent that registration is complete
  4. Legal guardian/parent pays for membership on SPRFC website
    • Name of player must be provided during payment process
  5. SPRFC Membership secretary links payment to player details
    • Player will now appear in relevant age group with membership listed as ‘paid’

Note: in the event you receive an error message when registering on the RFU website please contact the SPRFC Membership secretary for assistance.

Am I registered? Is my membership paid?

Players will appear in the relevant team listing as follows:

Registered Player – Membership not paid Registered Player – Membership paid
Note 1 : When new players are still within their 4 week trail period they will show as ‘Registered Player – Membership not paid’
Note 2 : You must be logged on to the website to view membership status when viewing a team.