Micros Membership

£25.00 for each 1 year with 1 installment

This is an annual Micros membership.

This membership is for

  • 1 season only
  • children aged 3 – 6 years(where the date of the 6th birthday is after the 1st September in any calendar year)
  • where the child does not have at least 1 older sibling in age groups U7 – U18
    • (where the child playing Micros rugby does have an older sibling in the U7 – U18 age groups, please purchase a Mini and Youth Annual membership (with 1 extra child – to cover the Micros player).

This membership will expire at the end of each season and you must remember to renew this membership at the start of each season.   This membership is not automatically renewed.

Player Name *

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Next Payment on: 1 Sep 2020


This membership should be used for any Micros player that does not have an older sibling in any of the age groups U7 – U18.

A discount is automatically applied if paid via website AND payment is made before the 1st October at the start of each season.


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