Notification of Player Registration

Submitting this form will notify the SPRFC Membership secretary that a player has been registered on the RFU website.

Legal Guardian/Parent Name

Legal Guardian/Parent Mobile Number

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Player Name (Full names - no nicknames)

Player DOB

Is the club allowed to apply or give permission for emergency medical treatment to the player if required?

Does the player have any medical conditions?

If applicable, describe any medical conditions here

Is photography allowed? Is this player is under court order where photographs of the player are not allowed?

You must have registered on the RFU GMS before submitting this form. If you played in a previous season you are probably already registered on the RFU GMS system in which case you only need check that your details are up to date. If you have any issues registering with the RFU website please speak to your age group coach.

You should receive a copy of this player registration in your inbox if the message was sent correctly.

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