New A5 pamphlet available

Updated 5th October : The flyer below is now available at the club, if you wish to collect some for distribution in schools etc – please see me when next at the club.

Herewith the back and front for the new A5 advertising recruiting poster.     Please let me know by Sunday 24th if anything is missing.  Please use comments section below to feedback.

These will go to print on Monday 25th June 2018 – 1 x run of 5000


A5 advertising pamphlet – front

A5 advertising pamphlet – back


    1. Hi Simon, yes there is an increase and a restructure of fees for all sections of the club. These still have to be approved by a vote of members at the AGM which is this evening at 7:30. The proposed Mini & youth change is to remove the single player – no one buys this and does not use the bar – and we have no way of checking when people come to the bar as to which membership they have. The family membership of £65 which allows 2 players is being changed to be for 1 player only and will be increased to £75 with each additional player costing £25. There will be an option to pay on the website and if the membership is paid before the 30 September a £10 discount will be applied taking it back to £65. There will also be the option to pay, via website only, in 3 instalments – 1 instalment per month over 3 months to spread the cost.

      The above will be proposed at the AGM tonight and then voted on – I have had to assume it will go through due to lead time on the design/print of posters – hence it is reflected here – if there is some issue or change then I will have to get these posters changed.

      Rgds. Gary

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