England vs South Africa

It’s all to play for!  Come along and watch England salvage some pride in the 3rd test.  Apparently it’s all been unfair because the previous 2 matches were played at altitude but with the last game being played in Cape Town England are ‘guaranteed’ the win!

The bar opens at 3pm, in preparation for the game.    With a national CO2 shortage affecting bubbles in the beer, Casemore, like England, is looking for a way out of those never ending excuses.

Rumour has it that the cold room chiller is now repaired.      50 / 50 odds on cold bubbly beer!

In further breaking news there will be a free Lithuanian style BBQ provided by Ignas – come along, watch the game, try out the Lithuanian goodies from the BBQ with beer.

The game will be shown on our big screen in magnificent 104″ HD quality – what a view!

p.s. this is what happens when you let a ‘Saffa’ write the adverts!

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