Data breach at World Rugby website

Coaching staff will be impacted as well as any non-coaching staff that may have signed up to the website – please read and act accordingly.   If you are using the same userid and password elsewhere you should change the password immediately on these other sites.

Below is a Notice from World Rugby   website here
On 3 May 2018, we became aware of unauthorised access to our database of education and training portal accounts.

What information was involved?
The affected database contains information relating to your education and training history with World Rugby and includes email addresses and encrypted passwords.

What we are doing
We want to assure you that we acted immediately on becoming aware of this issue and are working with leading data and technology security experts to determine the nature and scope of the issue, investigate how this incident occurred and to take the necessary steps to ensure that an incident of this nature does not happen again.

We are taking the following steps to protect your information:

  • We are acting immediately to notify subscribers and to provide them with information on how they can protect their data
  • Although your password on our portal is triple encrypted, we are recommending that all subscribers change their account passwords and urge them to do so immediately once the sites are back online
  • As a precaution, we have taken the sites offline and suspended access to the database, pending the ongoing review
  • We are continuing to monitor for suspicious activity and will liaise with relevant regulatory bodies
    We are continuing to enhance and reinforce our systems to detect and prevent unauthorised access to user information.

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