Colts close in style – with match footage

The Colts closed their season on a high with both the opposition and Colts showing what rugby is about. When an opposition travels for over an hour, knowing they only have 13 players, you know they are keen!

In true rugby spirit players were loaned, jerseys were swapped, insults traded between players that were suddenly no longer team mates and we were off!

Through the game the opposition had at times 4 Park players doing duty for them, and dammit! – they were a nuisance – knowing and taking in great delight in outing our line out and backline moves to the opposition!

A game played in great spirit, but Park proved to be too strong at the breakdown cleaning out the opposition on almost every occasion. With Shepherd Zulu scoring the opening try in minutes from the start and with the dry sunny conditions, Parks backs made good use of the conditions and, fed lots of ball from the breakdown, unleashed attack after attack on the Wheatley defence.

With Park also dominating in the scrum and line out the balance of possession went to Park and this was put to good use with a 37-0 result at the final whistle, in this the last Colts game for this team.

Onwards to next season and senior rugby lads!

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