Child Protection Policy

At SPRFC it is our belief that participating in our sport should be a positive and enjoyable part of children’s lives. As a club we want to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected and kept safe from physical, sexual and emotional harm while they are with the club’s coaches, helpers and other volunteers.

To achieve this we have these aims:

  • All coaches will attend a requisite coaching Rugby Union course within the first year of taking up a coaching position; they will also be required to complete a CRB check.
  • We aim to ensure that coaches and other volunteers will be provided with a job description.
  • We will endeavour to have as many women coaches/helpers as men.
  • All coaches will be accredited to Level One before they are allowed to become named Head Coach of an age group for ages 11 and below.
  • All coaches will be accredited to Level Two before they are allowed to become named Head Coach of an age group for ages 12 and above.
  • The club will encourage and help coaches to stay up to date with rugby coaching and child protection issues. Each coach to attend the Good Practice and Child Protection Course within their first year.
  • All coaches will be provided with a copy of the club’s Code of Conduct for Coaches and will be expected to keep to it at all times.
  • Written records of attendance, parental consent and accidents will be kept by each age group and a master copy within club records.
  • The club will provide a written Health and Safety policy, covering Fire Procedures, Telephone Access and First Aid Emergency procedures.
  • A written procedure for dealing with accusations or suspicions of child abuse is to be available to parents and coaches.
  • As a club, we will provide ‘Fair Play’ and will always play within the spirit of the laws and the letter of the continuum.
  • As a club we will identify a person whose role it will be to deal with any concerns about physical, sexual and emotional abuse within SPRFC.