Bushmead Primary School Fair – recruiting

As part of of Summer Programme we are running a recruiting and advertising session and Bushmead Primary school fair.      This is on Saturday [Read More]

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  1. Hi Gary
    Coach = Simon Pleasant
    Harry – U7
    Nicolas/Aaron/Marcus – U8

    I was thinking Bulldog in 10mins sessions. Tag Drills 2 defenders v 1 Attacker in small 5mx5m grid

  2. If 3 coaches could attend then we could do 10Mins Bulldog, Tag Drills, Tackle Drills with coaches not doing the event talking to parents about Respect/Fun/Inclusion/Safety etc – Bushmead will effectively be U9 and below.

    @ Raks – Will you be getting some current U9s onboard?

  3. Bushmead 12.00-15.00 current rollcall on Saturday 30/06/18


    9 is not bad

    Coaches Cathy/Simon/Tom/Simon/Raks

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