2xv overpowered up front

Match video footage and report.

For a club that did not field a 3xv and send them down to Stockwood Park on the Saturday Casuals seemed remarkably at ease in fielding 28+ players against a very young Park 2xv.

With that number of players on the bench Casuals were able to field fresh legs all the way through the game but, having said that, it was simply the very experienced Casuals front row and pack up front which proved to be the undoing of a young Park side.

After Park’s opening try by Gomm in the first minutes of the game it was Casuals who adapted very quickly to the windy conditions and kept play up front in the engine room crossing several times in the first half. Park seemed to find the measure of the Casuals pack towards the end of the 1st half and into the start of the second, but with Park not making the most of their quicker backs in the windy conditions it was again Casuals that took play up front and used their clear experience in the scrum to get on top of the Park pack.

With Park fighting back and finding some measure against the Casuals pack it was Colt debutant Alex Gomm that crossed again towards the end of the game for Park’s only other try in the game with the other points coming from the boots of Taylor and Carvallio.

With 5 current Colts and 5 ex-colts from the last 2 years making up a young squad of 21 players Park ultimately did not do too badly and should not dwell on the result.

Good games were had by several players, especially Joe Peacock who missed out Man of the Match to Alex Gomm by 1 vote. Returning player Giovanni Sibilia should be pleased with his performance at fullback after being out of the game for nearly 2 years.

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