2019/20 Course and Equipment Requests

Herewith summary of all course and equipment requests we have received for the 2019/20 season.  Basically, if it ain’t on here, you haven’t submitted your [Read More]

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  1. U12/U13 equipment

    Bibs x20 (10 of 2 different colours)
    Poles x8/10
    Balls – 15 size 4
    Balls – fitball and half ball
    First aid kit X2
    Coaches hoodies or jackets 😉

    Currently requesting both principles of attack and defence, and also scrum factory when it becomes available

    We will require 15 shirts. Sizes to be confirmed when pre season starts in September

  2. Colts Equipment

    12 x Size 5 Training Ball
    5 x Size 5 Match Ball
    6 x Large Mens Match Tops (hand me downs from seniors perfectly acceptable)

    Principles of Defence
    Other specialist courses such as coaching half backs are no longer listed. Will look to do any specialist courses.
    First Aid in Rugby

  3. Under 11’s
    Bibs x 24 – 12 in 1 colour, 12 in another
    Balls x 15
    Poles x 8/10
    First aid kit
    Extra ice packs x5
    Linesman flags x2
    Gum shields x6
    Rope ladder for training x1
    Whistles x4
    Water bottles and holder

  4. Under 11’s (Steve Sheilds)

    Courses required:

    Dave, Sam, Mike have you done each of the following courses?
    •Play it Safe – Dave & Sam
    •Rugby Ready – Mike, Dave and Sam

  5. UNDER NEW 10’S
    Kit Bag
    Ball Bag
    Cones (1 set of each colour)
    Bibs x 12 in 1 colour
    Balls x 12 (Size 4)
    First aid kit
    U10’s stockwood match shirts sizes as follows:
    3 x size 34
    3 x size 36
    3 x size 38
    Ice packs x 5
    Linesman flags x2
    Gum shields x 6
    Poles x 8/10
    Whistles x 2
    Water bottles and holder

  6. U9
    Match Balls x 3(Size 3)
    U9’s stockwood match shirts sizes as follows:
    2x size 34
    2x size 36
    Ice packs x 5
    Linesman flags x2
    Gum shields x 3
    Water bottles and holder

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