Players Certified to play – up/down/adult rugby

The only players certified to play;

  • out of age grade
  • adult rugby

at Stockwood Park RFC are listed below.

If a player is not in the AUTHORISED PLAYERS section on this list they may not play out of age grade or adult rugby.

Submissions must be with Club Safeguarding Officer 10 days before the 1st match is due to be played otherwise players will not be eligible to play and authorised in time.

There are serious repercussions for playing out of Age Grade without consent, please ensure submissions are on time per above.

Pending Authorisation

Play adult rugby – (may not play until authorised)
*No pending authorisations

Authorised Players

Playing Adult Rugby – Boys
Jordan Fadoju
Daniel Loft
Max Coupland

Playing Adult Rugby – Girls
Shahnaz Rizny

Playing out of Age Grade – playing down – U19 playing down in U18
None registered

Playing out of Age grade – playing down
None registered

Please monitor player numbers on pitch when playing down, age group laws applied are the lower of the age groups when playing mixed groups per Regulation 15.

Please ensure full compliance with Regulation 15.

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  1. hi gary further to my notification of my grand niece,s date of birth that I gave you on whatsup , any movement as to weather she could play in the u11s any time soon or will it be a case of waiting till we start up a girls u12 side ?

    if its more convenient give me a reply on the whatsup page when you get a minute

    cheers mate

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